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The Crafty Makery was opened in May 2018 offering the community of Fareham an opportunity to use Arts and Crafts as a way to help bring people together to make and craft, trough participation the hope is to affect positive change in the lives of members of the larger community.From the very beginning we have been able to undertake a vast arrays of activities to suit both young and old alike from Knitting, Sewing, paper crafts, ceramics, 3D printing and Carpentry the list goes on and we are adding new activities all the time.The aim is to help people to be together in a safe space structured towards the delivery of arts and crafts with a hope of enabling participants combat loneliness, isolation and a range of other health and wellbeing issues through both structured and per support sessions.Above all else we hope all participants have fun making things and being around friends.

We have a whole team of volunteers just waiting to help you develop your skill set. Why not come in for a friendly cuppa and a chat, to see how we can inspire your inner crafting skills. Everyone is welcome.

Shane and Lesley are both ex-teachers of Design Technology and have experience of teaching children from age 8 to 19. We are both DBS checked so if your child is happy to be left with us for an activity we are qualified to look after them.

42 Westbury Mall
Fareham Shopping Centre
PO16 0PD

Tel : 01329 239011

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